Friday, 29 August 2014

A Harley T-Shirt Quilt

 This Harley quilt was a project that I helped a friend make, for a friend of hers.

It was so large that when I hung it from my deck, it was laying in the Peonies below.

The T-Shirts were a collection of Harley shirts from around the world.  The farthest away was Rome, and of course there was one from right here at home in Kamloops.

The San Francisco block shows the quilting the best.  At first I was going to quilt with black thread, and then I decided to use a variegated black and white.  I was really happy with the choice.

A couple of the shirts were very stretchy and therefore required a little more attention while quilting. As well, a couple had a lot of rubberized material in the logo that caused a few problems with skipped stitches.  Despite all this, I was thrilled with the way this quilt turned out. I just hope the recipient is as happy as I am!

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  1. I'm sure the recipient will be overjoyed : )

  2. He was very pleased with the quilt!!!!

  3. This was very tricky to quilt. Well done on the end result. It looks great.

  4. What an amazing personalised quilt - he will love it!!

  5. I did one of those once - turned out just as huge! Love the quilting - how did you get right over the t-shirt pieces? Wasn't that tough going?