Monday, 16 June 2014

Kamloops Modern Quilt Group Show and Tell

Last Saturday was the meeting of the Kamloops Modern Quilt Group.  Our challenge block was  modern appliqué.

Each person gave an explanation as to what made their block modern, and the meaning behind the block.  Great fun!

As always there was a little show and tell not related to the challenge.

Lovely work everyone!

Next months challenge is a useful item that isn't a quilt block.  Katja had an example with the vest that Sonja had knit for her, using the little bits that are cut off when a fat quarter is cut.

Other suggestions were bags, mug rugs or anything else you can come up.  I can hardly wait for next month to see what everyone makes!


  1. A lovely display! Minutes from the meeting will go out later today.

  2. It is always great to see the different ways each person answers the challenge.

  3. Great pictures and thanks Linda for posting the minutes, see you next month.

  4. Great post for a rainy cold Sat in NS! Love the vest. A great one to wear while sewing. Wont notice the threads that always cling on!