Sunday 5 January 2014

Stash Busters Quilt Along Week 19

EEEKKKK!  We are almost finished.

These weeks block is called "Coin in my pocket."  I get a newsletter from a quilt shop in Winnipeg, and this was their featured block.  It looked fun and QUICK, so I decided it was a go.

The two bigger corners are cut from a 6 1/2" strip and the Easy Angle Ruler.  The remainder of the block is cut from 3 1/2" strips.  You need six background squares, four feature fabric squares and four Easy Angle units.

Sew the pieces together as shown.

And there you go, finished.  Now, wasn't that easy?

I promise next week's block will be real easy, and then on to putting our blocks together.  I will try to have mine together for two weeks from now.  The key word there is try!

I did draw for the prize for December.  The winner is Woodraven, translated to Deanna. Congrats to Deanna!  I will post shortly for the prize for January.


  1. Simple but really pretty. Thanks, Linda! .Now to find a piece in my stash that's 6 1/2"!! This has been a terrific stash buster indeed. Really scraping the barrel for fabric.

  2. My all time favorite blocks are made from smaller squares, like the nine patch. Dont know why but it has always been that way. This is a perfect block for that! Love it! This SBQA will be an amazing resource for years to come. So many blocks and combinations of blocks would make fabulous full size quilts!

  3. I love scrappy and the colors of this block made me stop by.........

  4. This block is really nice and appears to go together without a hitch. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Looking good Linda. You're almost done! You have done a great job

  6. Love all the combinations that can be made with squares and triangles.
    Great block.