Friday, 15 November 2013

Margaret's Angel Quilt

I just finished quilting Margaret's Angel Quilt and thought I should share with you some of the quilting techniques I used.

The swirl filler is one of my favourites.

Followed closely by little folksy hearts.

Outline quilting is a trusted filler for applique.

One of Carla's favourites is the pebbles.

I hadn't quilted any McTavishing for a while so I added it in.

I tried to stipple as small as I could and still see it.

This funky orange peel is always fun.

I call this one melons.

You can still see the chalk lines that I used to mark my reference points on this piece.

And here it is, Margaret's Angel quilt.  A special thanks to Margaret for agreeing to letting me show you the "sampler" quilting.


  1. Love your folksy Christmas quilt! Your quilting is awesome!

  2. Hurray for pebbles! Beautiful again : )

  3. Wonderful Linda , such a pretty quilt and I love all the variety of quilting stitches you used , great work!!

  4. So fun to use different designs. I like the orange peel one. Fab job!

  5. It is a lovely quilt and your quilting looks great. I think my favourites are swirls and McTavishing.

  6. A beautiful quilt made more awesome with the creative quilting!