Sunday, 11 August 2013

Home From The Holidays!

Every good thing must end, and so must the summer holiday.  It's back to work tomorrow, and back to my sewing room today.

I've been wanting to combine a number of different elements on one quilt so I thought why not play and see how it turns out.  I love it!  When the quilt is finished I'll show you the whole thing.

And speaking of playing, I finished up this Stack-n-whack quilt for a friend.  I forgot how much fun they are.  I think I have a few in my unfinished basket, maybe I'll have to dig them out and get at them.

Back to reality tomorrow at work, but the count down to retirement is seriously on.  I think I'll make it!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. back in the sewing room is good ... back to work not so much so xx mind you not too many shifts left to go so it "hopefully" wont be too bad x

  2. Fabulous quilting again! This gives me wonderful ideas for my next quilt : )

  3. Your machine quilting is really inspiring!! Makes me want to sit right down and resume my practice sessions! Maybe someday I'll be able to produce work as beautiful as this!

  4. How long till retirement? Are you going to make yourself a retirement quilt???

  5. Wow, fabulous quilting Linda....

  6. Lovely work with the quilting and the Stack and Whack looks great!