Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Laundry Basket Quilts "Seasonal Silhouettes"

Laundry Basket has done it again.  They have come out with a new line of silhouettes that represent all twelve months of the year.  I couldn't wait to get started on them.

The block kit includes the background and all the appliqué pieces.  You will need to buy the book if you want the placement diagrams.  To start I pinned the background to the placement diagram then set both on my light box.  Each appliqué piece comes with the fusible backing already attached.  Peel the paper off the fusible web, and set the piece in place.  They are slightly tacky so they will stay in place but can be moved if desired.  Once everything is where you want it, remove from the placement diagram and use a dry iron to fuse the pieces in place.

The book called for two borders however, I felt one was sufficient.  I layered the front, batting and backing together.  On a piece this small I used straight pins to hold it together until I could quilt it.

Since the fusible pieces were so small, I used my domestic machine to quilt it.  Yes, I do occasionally quilt with a regular sewing machine.  The book calls for quilting just inside the appliqué pieces to make sure they stay in place.  The background fabric has a design on it that is a perfect marker for quilting.   Since the block has a lot of quilting on it, the border had to be quilted just as intensely so that the quilt would lay flat.

This is the front of two of the blocks.

And here is the back.  A great opportunity to practice freehand quilting!

The blocks will be available at quilt stores this fall.  I have four done, eight more to go.  I'll show you more pics at a later date.  Happy quilting!


  1. They are beautiful! Are you planning to do each pattern as a separate wall hanging? (Just curious.)

  2. Just beautiful!

  3. I will be looking for that! Very beautiful, Linda.

  4. Those blocks are beautiful! I especially like the one with the bird and umbrella! So cute!

  5. So jealous!! I love Edyta's patterns. Your blocks are beautiful. It is fun to quilt on a regular machine once in awhile eh! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just beautiful , and your quilting is amazing , oh to have that talent :-)