Friday, 31 May 2013

Featherweight Frenzy

A group of friends invited me to join in on making a quilt, using our featherweight machines. First I had to dig my machine out of storage.

This machine was a gift from my Dad.  I had asked him to watch for one when he went to the local auction. When he was bidding on it, the lady next to him was trying to convince him to stop.  She mentioned that it didn't sew, my Dad said "my daughter says that doesn't matter." She then said parts were missing.  Once again Dad said "my daughter says that doesn't matter."  Dad was the winning bid and this little machine became mine.  All she needed was the needle turned the right way, and a little oil.  Thanks Dad for the great gift!

Now, this machine has been languishing in my basement for quite some time.  Doug noticed that the wires were bare in spots and needed to be fixed.

A little wiring adjustment and she was safe to use.  Great to have a handy husband.

So off the machine and I went, to my friends house for a featherweight sew in.  It was great to here the little machines hum.  Mine only had two bobbins, so Linda was kind enough to share a couple of her bobbins with me.  Thanks!

At the end of the evening all three of us had all the cutting done, and one block finished.  Since then we have all finished our tops but I will save the reveal for after the quilting.  We are going to get together one evening and quilt them all with my longarm.  Talk about one extreme to the other.  Can't wait.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and that the sun is shining on you!


  1. What fun sewing with the Featherweights!!

  2. that sounds great. You Dad did good. I got mine at a auction too. But I still have to work the tension a bit before I can use it. looking foreward to the revealing of the quilt.

  3. Cool that you got to use it, your Dad did good.....looks like you gals had a a very productive time, love the blocks, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  4. Looking forward to the reveal!