Sunday 2 September 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 100, 101 & 102

For those of you that are new to my blog, welcome to the adventures of my Farmer's Wife Blocks.  Each week they have a photo taken somewhere in the world.  Try to guess where, before you scroll to far.  They have been to the Great Wall of China, around the tip of South America and in my very own back yard.  You just never know where they might be next.

This weeks blocks are Weather Vane, Wedding Ring and Whirlpool.

They are hanging out at a very windy corner.  It is known in Canada as the windiest corner in the country!

Every Canadian should of gotten this, or at least those that knew I went to Winnipeg on holidays.  lol.  And yes, it was very windy when I was trying to get these pictures.  I had tape everywhere trying to get the blocks to hold still.

A few more pictures of the sights in Winnipeg.  The first is the Legislature building where we went on a great tour of the building.  The second picture is St. Boniface Cathedral.  The outer wall has been left standing after a fire and a new church has been built behind it.  Out side the church wall is the grave of Louis Riel, a famous Metis leader in the early years of Canada.


  1. My parents grew up in Winnipeg and my Mom spoke often of waiting for the bus after work on the corner of portage and main. In those days women always wore dresses to work so it was cold, cold, cold!

  2. Your blocks look good in Winnipeg. It was nice to see you. How were the quilt shops in Morden and Winkler? I still haven't got out there.

  3. Now I know why I'm always cold! I was born in Winnipeg!