Monday 9 April 2012

What a Beautiful Day

The sun was shining, the Easter Bunny made an appearance, life is grand!  It is time for the Farmer's Wife blocks to make an entrance, so here they are.

Evening Star and Farmer's Daughter decided to head to the park and enjoy the sights.

The local vintage car club was holding their annual easter parade.

My blocks tried hanging out on a tree, but the picture wasn't the best, so we had to go searching for a better location.

No better location than on the hood of Chris's Corvette.  Look at Chris all decked out in her Sunday Bonnet.  Thanks for humouring me!

Laylah and Julie joined Doug and I for this adventure.  Laylah was so thrilled when the Easter Bunny added to her stash of candy.  Doug was trying real hard to not drool on any of the cars.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. beautiful weather there!! Its pouring with rain here... not complaining though we need it badly xx You have VERY well traveled blocks !

  2. So how many blocks is that so far. Would love to see them all laid out to see your progress. Find it almost exciting as doing it myself.
    Looking at the snow this morning here but it is supposed to rain so i hope it for good!

  3. Some of those cars bring back memories..........

  4. Hard not to drool on those cars. I would.