Sunday, 17 July 2011

Matt and Leslie's New Home

Saturday Matt and Leslie took possession of their new home.  Both of them were pretty excited to get the keys to their own place!  Congratulations to the proud homeowners.

The new homeowners set to work, with a little help from their family, painting the new dwelling. The previous owner was a smoker, so the entire house needed to be scrubbed down and painted.  Saturday was extremely busy with Leslie painting well into the night.

I arrived back this morning to find them both raring to go.  Matt was the jack of all trades today, including Starbucks run and going back to my house to let Blanche in out of the thunderstorm.  Leslie was a painting machine.  She was determined to get most of the painting done today.

We all decided that Leslie and Matt weren't afraid of heights, just afraid of falling.  Therefore, Doug and I climbed the makeshift scaffolding over the stairs to paint .

When I left this evening Leslie was determined to paint just one more wall before heading out. Way to go Matt and Leslie, you certainly got a lot done this weekend!

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