Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Morning Quilt Sneak Peek

Carla e-mailed me and said I could blog a sneak peek of her Sunday Morning Quilt.  I think Carla must of been one of those kids that just couldn't wait for Christmas Morning and ran around peeking into closets try to see what she was getting for Christmas.  She just can't wait!!!!  Just kidding Carla!

This is a quilt from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts."  Carla has used some lovely scraps to make a very soft quilt.  I'm sure once she gets it home, she'll blog a picture of the completed quilt.  She wanted texture on the quilt, so since some of the fabrics had big Daisy type flowers I decided to quilt big Daisies in a pale pink thread.  Hope she loves it!


  1. Squeeeeeel ! Wow Linda it looks great!! Didn't think you would get to it so soon : ) I can't wait to see it.

  2. Awesome. will be watching for more pics. You are a great team!