Friday, 23 September 2016

Wing & Leaf

"Wing & Leaf" by Gina Martin for Moda, is available at your local quilt shop now.

This quilt is a pattern from the book "Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares" by Kim Brackett.  I decided to use grey for the background for a change of pace.  It was completed shortly after Spring Market as a Salesman sample and now is hanging at a local store as a shop sample.  It has travelled more than most people!

The second Be My Neighbor block is done.  It uses "Hey Dot" by Zen Chic for Moda.  This fabric line is also a recent release to local stores.  I'm on holidays right now, but I will REALLY try to get up to date when I get home.  I have to at least complete one quilt along this year.  

Happy quilting everyone!

Friday, 16 September 2016

A Beautiful Wedding

Deandra and Tyler tied the not on September 10.  It was a lovely late summer day, the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.

This is my favourite picture of the newlyweds.  Relaxing and chatting between formal pictures.

My brother Russell and his family.  Mom (Olive) was in the wedding party as the flower girl.  Idris was the ring bearer, Melissa and Alawna were bridesmaids and Ibrahim was an usher.  Deandra made her wedding a real family affair.

This is my family with the newlyweds.  Unfortunately Matt and Doug had gone back to the hotel to pick up the wedding present that I had forgotten, so they weren't in the picture.  George had to work  and wasn't able to attend.  

Of course I made a quilt.  This is the gift that Doug and Matt had to run back to the hotel to get. How could I forget it?  I'll blame it on the grey hair.  The pattern is from the book "By The Block" by Siobhan Rogers.  I made it slightly bigger (84 x 91) so that it could be used as a bed quilt.

I had been saving low volume 3 1/2" squares for quite some time.  Two weeks before the wedding they were all still in a box.  I dug into the box and managed to finish in time.

Wishing Deandra and Tyler a lifetime of happiness and love!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Won't you be My Neighbour?

How many times did you listen to Mr. Rodger's say that?  My children loved his show so I'm sure I heard it at least a thousand times.

Right now Moda is asking if you want to be their neighbour.  Check out their blog here for their latest quilt-along.  The patterns are free, available only through quilt shops.  Check with your local shop to see if they are participating.

Of course I've jumped in.  What's one more project on the go?  Besides, I think it's going to be really cute.  The fabric for this block is "Hazelwood" by One Canoe Two for Moda.  The background is a little "Paper" that I have stashed away.

I found this Me and My Sister pattern on their website, available here.  I made it with "Rainy Day" which is being shown to shops now, and will be available for purchase in January.  It's the perfect pattern when you have to  get a baby quilt done in a hurry.

I'm running at full speed right now, trying to meet a few deadlines before my next holiday.  I finished up Jeannie's Sunday Ride quilt.  I think she was pretty happy with the results.

Katja received a little LOVE on her quilt.  It is for her next quilt-along from her Perpetual Calendar.  I'm working on my version of the pattern.  With only seven weeks to Market I'm feeling the push to get the last of the hand stitching done.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

And The Winners Are......

Drum roll please!  The winners if Katja's Bag challenge have been announced.

The first place goes to Betty.  Her fabric choices are stunning.  Who wouldn't want this bag over their should?

Second place is Jeannie's bag.  I'm assuming this is for her granddaughter.  Way to go Jeannie.  I'm sure she will love both the bag and the dress.

Third place was a tie.  Ellen's bag is made from folded hexagons.  Very nicely done.

My bag tied with Ellen's.  I had made the weave, and then decided it was big enough for a bag. I always like to try something new so I added an inset zipper.  Since it had to have a button, I hunted through  my button stash to find these three.  I'm really happy with the result.  Thanks to everyone who went to the store and voted.  You have one more day to see them all, before they are returned to their owners.

Recently I was asked how my splendid sampler blocks are coming.  I had to admit I hadn't made any for a while.  That was the motivation I needed to get to work and do this block.  I picked a little "Meow or Never" and set to work.  When I was done I realized that all the cat faces I used had a common theme.  I don't know if my sub-concious was trying to tell me something.  LOL.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

It's in the Bag!

Katja's challenge for this year is "Make a bag, a bin, a purse, a tote, a pocketbook, a suitcase, a basket, a bowl, a container, a backpack, a fanny pack, a wallet, a satchel, a stocking, a pocket or something, anything that can be use to hold or contain something."  Now that is a fairly broad base to work with.  It did have to have a button on it, just because.

A lot of creativity from Katja's customers.  There is a viewer's choice ballot box so be sure to stop by today or tomorrow and cast your vote for your favourite.  I don't normally enter challenges, but this one was to sweet to resist.  When the contest ends, I'll show you better pictures of my entry.  Good luck and thank you to all who entered.

Friday, 19 August 2016


Well, hello there everyone.  Hope you are all enjoying the last of summer.  It is the season that seems to pass so quickly.  So much to do, so little time.

I did manage to get another row done on my Row by Row.  This one is from Katja's.  Yes, I do know that one of the windows is crooked.  Lol.  And it is staying that way!  I didn't notice till I was top stitching the fusible and it was to late to do anything about it.

The quilting on this 100 block quilt was a lot of fun.  It's owner should be by shortly to pick it up. latest obsession is weaving fabric.  I have been drooling over my Instagram feed for months, and finally decided to jump in.  More to come on this.

Till next time, enjoy life!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Jasper National Park

Did you know that if you buy a yearly pass to the Canadian National Parks, you get an additional year free?  What a great deal.  Doug and I did just that on our trip to Jasper National Park. Obviously the National Park System will be on our radar when planning next year's camping season.

We encountered a variety of weather on this trip.

We were expecting rain when we headed out for a hike above Maligne Lake.  We weren't disappointed!  A short cloudburst turned the trail into a creek.  We were prepared so we carried on.

Next up was The Valley of Five Lakes.  An easy 4.5 km. hike with amazing views.  A slightly overcast day made for a great reflection from the lake.

We had to go to Miette Hot Springs.  A great price of only $6 each once you have your park pass.  A cooler slightly overcast day was perfect for a hot spring.

Our last hike was in the Tonquin Valley.  We only encountered one other couple on the trail. They said they had hiked out from the cabin (14 km) and we were only the second group they had met.  Lovely to have the valley almost to yourself.  The trail was one of the best we have been on for ease of hiking with gentle slopes and well maintained trail.  We will be back.

I had a few quilts waiting for my attention upon my return home.

Sylvia's Lemonade quilt was fun to play with.

I was anxious to get to this quilt for Sylvia.  It is for her husband who is so wonderfully supportive of her quilting.  Each fabric represents a memory they share of their years together.  It is a real treasure and I was honoured to be able to quilt it for her.  Sylvia had encouraged me to write the tutorial for this block which is available here.