Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Linda's T Quilt

This T quilt belongs to my friend Linda.  Once again I had to stretch a little to come up with ideas on how to quilt it.

The fabrics used were more traditional, so I didn't want to stray tooooooo far from traditional quilting.

I used the seams on the T sections for guidelines for the orange peeled centres.  For the background of the T I used the squiggly filler, and then a feather motif in the insets.

Going with the traditional feel, I quilted a feather in the sashing.  I hope Linda's friends the "chicken people" enjoy their gift.

Can you believe that we are up to week 23 on the Hex-A-Thon?  Almost half way there!


  1. So love the quilting on the quilt. I think feathers go well with most designs so you cant go wrong. As much as i love the modern quilts, those are the colours i like a lot too. Thanks for sharing!
    PS Cant wait to see yours and Carla's hexie quilts. Those little guys are awesome!

  2. Good job Linda and Linda! You two make a great team : ) Looking forward to seeing what you do to my quilt soon. We've got sun!!