Sunday, 17 June 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 51 & 52

This weeks blocks are Hovering Birds and Hovering Hawks.

They have been hanging out at a waterfront, if you squint, you can see a lighthouse in the background.

They hang out at some of the classiest places in town.

With one of my friends who has a great sense of humour!

Where even the banks have weather vanes.

They are in Halifax, at the Canadian Quilters' Association Quilt show.  Thanks Paulette for taking them on another great adventure.

And now to inspire some of you who are following along.  These are JoAnn's latest blocks. She said that there has been a little cursing happening, but she is keeping up.


  1. I was wondering where they would show up next ; ) I still have only done 25 .

  2. you have the MOST well travelled blocks x

  3. Cant believe your blocks were in Hfx. Just 2 hours drive from where i live. What a cool idea. As i looked at the pics i wondered what wharf they were at.I didn't get to QC but a friend of mine had a venders booth there. It is always a fun time.