Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sylvia's Quilt

Sylvia's quilt from the book "Sunday Morning Quilts" is not only beautiful, but also a wonderful walk down memory lane.  A quilter's memory lane of past projects!  A lot of the fabrics I recognize from past projects that she has made.  A great way to revisit the stash.  Speaking of the book, pop over to Carla's blog on my side bar, for a chancre to win the book!

Back to the quilt.  I've been itching to try a new quilting design called feather swirl that I saw over at the Green Fairy blog.  The YouTube link is here.  I watched the video several time, practiced on paper and then tried it out on one of my quilts first.

This little baby quilt is made from Chez Moi.  I'm not going to show the close up of the quilting as I wasn't very happy with it.  So, it was back to the paper for a little more practice.

This is the resulting design on Sylvia's quilt.  Once I developed my own rhythm the quilting went well, and I was happy with the result.

I love this quilt and have plans to make one very soon.  Thanks Sylvia for letting me play with your quilt!

This weeks hexagon is one of my favourites.  I just love the spinning pieces.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Chez Moi is still one of my all time favorite fabric lines!!! It looks wonderful as does your quilting.

    Very pretty hexie this week.

  2. Your baby quilt looks great Linda. I'm beginning to think Sylvia has little elves at her place! A gorgeous finish.

  3. Your quilting is so beautiful! Love the spin on your hexagon!

  4. The baby quilt looks gorgeous despite your misgivings. The quilting on the next one looks great. Fantastic pattern.

  5. cool pattern, I am going to have to go have a look in my book at that quilt again. Don't think I gave it enough credit the first time. After all I do have ALL my scraps sorted now!!

  6. I so want to try that design too! Yours looks great!