Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Double Slice of Cake

My double slice of cake quilt is made using "Simply Color" by V and Co. for Moda.

I was inspired to make this very easy quilt by a quilt my friend Noeline who was making a quilt out of "Little Black Dress" fabric.

She was using a pattern from Benartex that included a sashing.  I decided I didn't want sashing because I wanted something quick.

I started with 42 10" squares.  This is the size Layer Cakes by Moda come in.  If your Layer Cake doesn't have 42 pieces add in a couple of solids or downsize to 35 squares.  Cut each of the squares at the 3 1/2" line.

Shuffle your fabrics and sew the two pieces together.

Take your newly pieced square and cut in half at the 5" line.

Shuffle your fabrics one more time, flip one half top to bottom and sew the two halves together.

This is what your finished block should look like.  Lay out the blocks alternating one horizontal block and then one vertical block.  I set my blocks 6 x 7.  Refer to the picture at the top of the page if you need a little help.  Of course if you are an over achiever you can add sashing and a border.

I was short on time so I quilted the quilt with an all over ribbon.  The design is really a large meander with an echo line that crosses over now and then.  I used grey thread so as to blend in.

This pattern is a great way to show off your favourite fabrics.  Or in my case, get a quilt finished very quickly.  Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Love it!!! xo

  2. Love the way your quilt has turned out. It looks great. Thanks for the clear and easy instructions, too!

  3. Great tutorial Linda. Have you quilted Noeline's too?

  4. So great.I so love scrappy. Good idea for the quilting too!

  5. Love this quilt and pattern. Thanks!!

  6. Wonderful scrappy quilt , thanks for the tutorial, I will have to bookmark this so I can refer back .

  7. Very cool quilting pattern - will have to store that one away for future reference!

  8. Very very nice - thanks for the pattern - it will be on my "to do list"

  9. I just used a Gypsy Girl layer cake to make a quilt like this. It was fun to do some mindless sewing.