Sunday, 11 November 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 79 & 80

This week my blocks are on the road again.  Deanna went on a bit of a holiday and took Silver Lane and Single Wedding Star along for the trip.

I love this picture of Derry posing with a couple of his friends.

The blocks look like they belong in this display.  The blocks are visiting the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  I'm thinking they had a great time.

JoAnn sent me pics from last weeks blocks.  It's great to see the blocks done with an assortment of fabrics.  The rest of you seem a little shy.  Send me pictures please!


  1. Pictures you say...HMMMM I better get busy. Betty

  2. Sew awesome, your blocks in Cape Breton! This quilt will have to have a journal with it all times. Documentation of the travels.

  3. One day I will get back east. I'll never be as well traveled as your blocks though ; .)