Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sending Love Lucy's Way

I love making quilts, and I love my family.  So when Lucy was visiting recently, I had to give her a little quilt love.

After looking at all the quilts I had to "give away" she picked this one.

The cardinal fabric on the border is still one of my favourite fabrics.  This quilt was a mystery quilt that I taught a couple of years ago.  I can remember where I bought each of the red fabrics in the quilt.  Just don't ask me what I had for supper yesterday. LOL!

And of course, here are this weeks hexagons.  I decided the quilt needed a little red in it so I went hunting through my stash of batiks to come up with some.



  1. Lucky Lucy. The red dots will add a little zing! What was for supper......

  2. What a wonderful gift for Lucy....a lovely quilt!

  3. What a lovely quilt, Lucy looks so happy cuddled up in it. :)


  4. Beautiful quilt Linda - love the red's.... And such a lovely gift!

  5. looks like sahe is NOT giving it back xx

  6. Lovely choice. It's a gorgeous quilt!