Thursday, 16 February 2012

Another week of Hexagons

I would like to welcome all those who are visiting from Carla's Blog.  I hope you poke around a little to see what I've been up to.

This is the time of the week that I like to show this weeks Hexagons from Katja's Hex-a-thon.

With the nice big centre diamond I decided to feature a hummingbird in one and a flower in the other.

Now for some more hexagons!

This quilt I call Birds in Grandmother's Garden.  The block consists of four Birds in Air block pieced together and then a flower appliquéd in the centre.  To quilt the block I quilted in the ditch for the piecing, 1/4" from the seam on the hexagons and then a feather to fill in the area around the hexagons.

This quilt featuring more 30s reproduction prints is a pattern from the book Scrap Basket Surprise.  I quilted this with overall hearts on the 30s fabric and then a rose in the centre.

Both of these quilts were made as samples for Katja's.  After some time all my quilts get to come home.  I'm so happy to have these two home as they are a couple of my favourites.  After they visit with me for a while, I will have to find them a forever home!


  1. Those are lovely, great work. I'm loving the fussy hexies!

  2. Hi! I popped over from Carla's! You have a lovely blog! I'm adding myself to your followers. I look forward to visiting often. Deb.

  3. Just dashed over from Carla's blog to have a peak at yours. I have seen your quilting before and it is lovely. Awesome work. I machine quilt ion a Pfaff with a wider throat i think it is called the expression 4.0. Since June 11 i have been practicing and chipping away at my pile of WIPs. I love the whole process of quilting and usually the one i am doing i say is my favorite. But i do love FMQ. The freedom and creativity it allows.
    My son and his fam and my GRAND BABIES 3 live in Kamloops. That is how i met Carla. Maybe we could come visit next we come to Kamloops. I would love to see your set up.
    Will be checking to see what you are up to.
    Continue to have fun!

  4. Here from Carla's blog - so happy to have found you! Another BC-ite! I'll be following, love the work that I've seen so far!

  5. What beautiful quilting. And the hexies are great!

  6. Your work is gorgeous! I love that Birds in Grandmother's Garden quilt, and your hexies are so pretty with the fussy centers. :o)

  7. What great projects Linda, I love 1930's repro fabric too! Your quilting is fabulous, as always.

  8. I have not tried hexies yet in my short quilting life. I have enjoyed visiting and taking a look at your projects. Beautiful quilting!

  9. Wow, I really love the quilting around that hexagon! Good job!

  10. Linda, You have put together a very nice blog. Lots of lovely pictures of the quilts you have created and intriguing stories. BTW I have been past that church in Westwold many times on my way to Pritchard. I've enjoyed the visit here.

  11. Linda, I'm just loving the layout of your hexie quilt and how you came up with it's name.