Monday, 13 February 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 15 & 16

My Buzzard's Roost and Calico Puzzle blocks went on a small trip this weekend.  On the way to visit my Dad for his birthday we stopped to take a few pictures at a place that brings back a lot of great memories for me.

If you grew up in the area you might recognize these doors.

Any ideas yet?

This is St. Luke's Church and Cemetery in Westwold.  This building holds a lot of great memories for me.  One of the last alone times I had with my Grandma King was in this building attending a Harvest Fair service.  My Grandma was a farmer's wife and I'm sure would of agreed with a lot of the letters in the book.

Grandma spent most of her life in Westwold and here is where she lies for eternity.

Now for someone else's farmer's wife blocks.

Once again Linda's blocks are hanging around the house.  They really need to get out for a little adventure!  Thanks for sharing them with us all.


  1. Great new farmer's wife blocks...I tried this quilt...and the size of the blocks has scared me into a freeze. =)


  2. Gorgeous blocks and what a special church. It's so beautiful and I'm sure it holds precious memories on the inside. I love your grandmother's nickname. I sure do miss my grandmother! xo

  3. Love how you blended showing your farmer's wife blocks with a little history and some memories!! Well done post.