Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Christmas filled with family

The best part of Christmas is having the family get together.  Sorry quilters, this one is for the family.

The festivities began a couple of days early with the girls decorating the tree.  What a pair of cuties!

The visiting and posing for pictures began.  My three kids complain about the pictures every year, but humour me anyways.

As always, Kris is a big help in the kitchen.  After all, a Christmas dinner doesn't just cook itself.

And then, the eating began.  Thanks to all my family for making my Christmas perfect!


  1. pictures are COMPULSARY if only to bring out as punishment and bribary at a later date xx

  2. Nice pictures. Looks like you are enjoying your family.

  3. Very nice Linda. The little ones make it more fun!