Friday, 25 March 2016

Tasmania and Victoria. A fabulous holiday!

I joined a group of nineteen other quilters, and our fearless leader Dianne, on an exceptional trip to Australia.

The first morning In Hobart I was up in time to catch the sunrise looking out over the Harbour.

After a free day to explore on the Hop on, Hop off bus, we headed out to Port Arthur.  One of the many places in Australia that was home to convicts in the 1800s.  The tour included a lot of history as well as stunning scenery.  The next day we went to the Female Factory in Hobart, where women convicts were housed.  An informative tour, making me extremely glad I live in the 21st century.

Off to Bruny Island, and a tour along the coast out into the Southern Ocean to see the seals.  I know some of you are amazed that I was willing to get into a speed boat on the Ocean.  Well, it was a large speed boat, and the Ocean was fairly calm that day.  The scenery was stunning.  I was so happy I went.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway was probably my favourite part of the trip.  The steam engine that pulled us up the mountain was 120 years old.

The car we road in was the premium car.  Champagne to start, Canap├ęs, scones, lunch, cheese and fruit, and then a sweet.  We never stopped eating, while admiring the fabulous scenery going through the rain forest.

Who wouldn't love this?

The room at Strahan at the end of the train trip had this for a view.  Are you a little jealous yet?

We did go to Cradle Mountain, but it was too fogged in to get many pictures.  However, back at the resort this little Wallaby posed for his picture.  My one and only encounter in the wild with native animals.

After settling into our room at Launceston, we headed to the Beaconsfield Mine.  The historical society has done a fabulous job of preserving the history of this site.

A quick flight to Melbourne, and another bus to Ballarat.  Our bus drivers took us to a local park and offered to cook us a barbecue supper.

We agreed of course.  Beef, Chicken, Sausages, and a little Kangaroo were served.  I did try the Kangaroo, but I'm not anxious to eat it again.

Ballarat had a local wildlife park, so we went to see some of the native animals.  We attended the Sovereign Hill Dinner and Light show, and then we were back on the road again.

The Tarndie Heritage Sheep Farm with it's seventh generation sheep farmer as our host.  During lunch they gave us a little of their farm grown wool to knit with.  Of course a little of the wool had to come home with me!  We spent an night in Warrnabool to see the Flagstaff Hill show. Another look into Australian history.

The Great Ocean Road!  It will leave you speechless.

A tree top walk anyone?  Nearing the top of the tower the tree frogs sang a chorus for me.

Melbourne was the last stop.  Our hotel was in an ideal location, close to the downtown core. After a couple of days of exploring, home we headed.  I'll post the quilt side of the trip shortly.

Thanks to Dianne of Diversity for organizing such an amazing holiday that surpassed my expectations.  Also, a shout out to Perdita from Travelwise for making all the travel arrangements for us.  Both of you are incredible.


  1. Oh Linda do you have to ask if we're jealous yet.... It looks like you all had an amazing time. Yes I am jealous!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Australia. I have family living in Melbourne at present and love the city.

  3. wow! what a wonderful adventure xx Thanks for sharing your stunning photos xx

  4. looks like an amazing trip. The photos are spectacular.

  5. OMGosh!! What a wonderful trip. Lovely photos....thanks for sharing.