Monday, 10 March 2014

Kamloops Modern Quilting Group

The Kamloops Modern Quilting Group had it's second meeting this past Saturday.  I offered to post the minutes and pictures for members of the group to view.

Minutes - Meeting - March 8, 2014 - 1 PM

Chaired by Katja - 14 members attended.

Carla showed a group of modern quilts as well as individual blocks, most of them done as block exchanges with internet participants.  She talked about the pluses and minuses of internet interaction, commitment being a necessity as it affects a lot of people.  It has been a positive experience for her and she would encourage people to try it.  The quilts were beautiful and interesting and blocks seemed to mesh well with all others.

Show and tell - Most people had something to show - ranging from finished modern quilts to the block challenge "make a modern block - 12".  Everyone who got up explained what, in their opinion, made it a modern block, i.e.. fabrics, colours, pattern, quilting, etc.  Many positive critiques were given as well. With group participation, a challenge was chosen for next meeting;  "Hot Pink-outside the box."

Next meeting - April 12, 2014
See you all there!
Jeri -
Secretary for the Day!


  1. Sorry I missed being there! To many places all needing me at the same time! Love the pictures. Hot pink...hmmmm...

  2. Such a great post!!! Lots of different takes on "modern".

  3. I love Carla's Which Way quilt. I downloaded it for future use.

  4. Lovely show and tell Linda , thanks for sharing .