Friday, 13 May 2016

Alaskan Cruise

I returned last Sunday from an incredible Alaskan Cruise on the Noordam.  The cruise was organized by Rhonda at Marlin Travel.  Katja and I were both teaching to fifty-three happy quilters.

We departed Vancouver and sailed north to Juneau.  The first full day at sea was Katja's class.

Jo-Ann, who had never English Paper Pieced before, finished her project before the cruise ended.

The Mug Rug Challenge was put up and everyone who stopped by our room to visit, was invited to vote.  Judy's work of art won by a narrow margin.  So many talented women in one room.

Busy, busy, busy!!!

The second full day at sea, was my Mariner's Star class.  The fabric provided was "For You" by Zen Chic.  There were a few finished tops before we left the ship.

Beauty abounded.  I didn't rise in time for a sunrise, but the top photo is still showing a little colour in the clouds over the wake of the boat.  The Glacier Bay stop displayed the majesty of nature.

Of course we had time for a little fun on shore.  Jo-Ann is spotting Katja for a few crunches!

This picture was taken at Skagway.  Great friends on a great hike along the shore.

Starved for internet service, Katja and I were catching up outside the quilt store in Ketchikan when a GOOD friend gave us some old school technology to see us through the rest of the trip.

On the last day we held a Jelly Roll Race.  Twelve women took part.  Most said they didn't need a helper, but it was great to see as the race went on, everyone pitched in to help wrangle the 1600 inches of fabric.  Lots of laughs, great prizes provided by Trend-Tex Fabrics, and all finished a quilt top in sixty-five minutes or less.

Thanks to all the women who came on this Grand Adventure with Katja and I!  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

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  1. Beautiful blog Linda... I'd like to keep it as a memory for me.. We thank you for your participation on the cruise I look forward to getting my projects done. Thanks again!

  2. It looks like a wonderful trip. That is one place I would love to cruise.

  3. I'm glad it went well. I'm feeling a wee bit queezy looking at the pics ; ) lol

  4. Looks like it was fun. I get to go to Alaska for the first time, later this summer, to visit our youngest son and his wife. Quilt shops are on the schedule, of course.

  5. Lovely pics, looks like fun (if a bit crowded... I think I need more "elbow room" to sew!). I laugh every time I see a "jelly roll race", because it's the first quilt top I ever tried -- the one with little squares between each strip. I was progressing VERY slowly when my expert quilter friend suggested that perhaps for me, it was a Jelly Roll WALK. Touche! p.s. Love your blog, glad I found it!