Saturday, 1 August 2015

The New Hexagon Millefiore Rosette 8

Yes, Rosette 8 is done and stitched into place!!!!!

It is the rosette in the bottom left corner.  I forgot to take a picture before I stitched it in place.  Oh well.  I'm loving my quilt so far.  Only four more months to go.

This shows the rosettes in their entirety.  I love them all, but the upper left rosette is my current favourite.

I had taken it to Katja's to pin on the wall to get a good picture.  While I was waiting for a friend to arrive I started pulling the papers out of the centre.  I have a few more to pull yet, but I'll worry about them when all the rosettes are done.

I'm heading to my Cotton + Steel bucket right now to start the next one.  Deadlines are looming and this has to be pieced and quilted by mid October.  Yikes, Katja and I had better both get moving!  LOL!!!!!!

I hope you are having a lovely summer weekend.  Those of you that have a long weekend, stay safe and enjoy!


  1. That is gorgeous and so detailed looking.

  2. So beautiful! My favorite is the pink and green one on the top right.

  3. Very nice! Such an interesting quilt to look at!

  4. this is absolutely amazing!!! WOW!!!!!

  5. Stunning! I love your fabric combos, and there's so much to look at!