Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sunday Ride

Sharon recently finished piecing her "Sunday Ride" quilt, and then gave it to me to quilt.  What fun!

As always, Sharon's appliqué was very well done.

She let me quilt it however I liked.  I used Glide thread in blue and white.  It does pick up the colour of the fabric under it, so the match is great.  I did have a little trouble quilting in the fused pieces with gumming of the needle.  With a little patience, it is finished.

If you would like to see the quilt, pop by Katja's in a few days to check it out.

I am off to Quilt Market in Houston.  I will post pictures as soon as I get back.  If you want to see pics as they happen, check out my instragram account lindasquiltmania.


  1. Another beauty.... Sharon and Linda!

  2. Sharon does do nice work, and so do you ; )

  3. The quilt is lovely. Beautiful work with the quilting. Good luck at quilt market.