Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stash Busters Quilt Along Week 13

This weeks block is a little funky, with a whole lot of fun thrown in!

I have seen it a couple of different places on the web and thought what the heck, let's give it a try!

To make the block you will need either a 15 degree ruler, or the template available here. When you print the pdf file make sure you are printing at 100 per cent.  The wedge template should be 6" long.

Cut a 6 " strip of both your feature and background fabrics.  I used the 7" line on my ruler.  If you are using the template, use the photo for placement.  Cut 12 wedges from each fabric.

Sew a background fabric wedge to a feature fabric wedge.  Repeat for all 12 units.

Sew the twos into fours, and then sew three sets together to make a half circle.

Sew the two half's together.

Now comes the fun.  Take your ruler and cut from the tip of one wedge to the tip of another wedge cutting across three wedges.  Because you have twenty-four wedges, you will end up with an octagon.

Your's should look like the picture above.

From your background fabric cut four 6" Easy Angle pieces.

Add to the corners of the octagon.  I know they are a little big, but I thought why cut another strip when I had the 6" strip left over.

Once the corners are on, square your block up to 12 1/2".

The pdf you downloaded earlier has a circle on it.  This is for the centre.  You may use whatever method you prefer to appliqué the circle to the centre of the square.  Two of mine I fused, the middle block I needle turn appliquéd the centre.

Have fun with the block and don't forget to post your pictures to our flickr group to be eligible for this months prizes.