Saturday, 3 August 2013

Campbell River

The first stop in Campbell River was the Quilt Store.  Did you expect anything else?

 A friendly little shop to stop in for a visit.  The owner has a long arm in the shop, so we had lots to chat about.  I did leave with a few little treasures.

My hubby had parked the truck beside a park that contained several chain saw sculptures.  This critter was my favourite.

Of course we had to walk out on fisherman's wharf and check out the scenery.  Beautiful.  I also found a delightful cheesecake shop.  Mmmmm.  A quick stop there and then we were on our way!  Hope all my BC friends are enjoying their long weekend.


  1. There is a sweet little shop just outside Parksville I think. We went last year. Have a great time away.

  2. Looks like a fun time. That chainsaw critter is cute. Hope you got some seafood while you were near the docks.