Sunday, 5 May 2013

Betty's Quilt

Betty's quilt is a work of art.  She has put her heart and soul into this treasure.

The quilt measures 92 x 115, so it is a little hard to get a good picture of the whole quilt.

I took this picture as it was laying across my machine.  You can see how creative Betty was with the construction.  Many different sized blocks, all neatly packaged.

At retreat Betty was telling us the stories behind some of the blocks.  There are blocks that represent children and grandchildren, schools she worked at, places she lived, hunting and fishing adventures as well as sone of here own artwork.  Betty was  a little emotional telling the story of the quilt, as were all of us listening.  There were more than just a few tears of joy being shared.  We all love you Betty, and your special quilt!


  1. Beautiful quilt! The diagonal flying geese are a great way of setting off those smaller and half blocks. And your quilting compliments the blocks perfectly. I'm sure Betty and her family will love that quilt for a long time.

  2. Remarkable! All so different and yet it has great colour cohesion and lovely that it has its own provenance

  3. what a wonderful memory store for her x

  4. Hi Linda.. Thanks for sharing my quilt on your blog. It's easier for me to put my memories on fabric than paper.. The quilting was exquisite, thank you for that! Your comments were so kind.
    im signing in as anonymous as I must can't seem to get in otherwise.

  5. Isn't that amazing! You did great Betty getting everything to fit. Lovely quilting of course Linda. So, who gets this one Betty? I bet your kids fight over it....

  6. Stunning quilt, I can see you have put heart and soul into this beauty. Can't wait to talk to you and hear the stories. The quilting is so appropriate, Linda. Beautiful.