Monday, 5 March 2012

Farmer's Wife Blocks 21 & 22

These week's blocks are Contrary Wife and Corn & Beans.  Corn & Beans is a little bit of a challenge with sooooooo many little pieces.

And where are my blocks hanging around today?

They are hanging around the Provincial Short Track Speed Skating Championships.  The races were held this weekend in Kamloops at the Macarthur Island Sports Centre.  A great facility with two ice rinks as well as curling rinks.

Most of the racers were children, however a few adult races were also held.  The oldest racer was 82.  Now how is that for keeping active when you retire?

A while back Linda sent me this picture to post of her blocks.  Better late than never!  The teddy bear was made by Sonja, and the rabbit was made by Katja.  Both were gifts to Linda's son, when he was much younger.  Alex is now off to university, but his treasures wait patiently for him at home.


  1. Your blocks get to visit all the best places. I hope they appreciate the trouble you go to!!

  2. I love following your lovely grannies! I get to go to new and exciting places!

  3. An 82 year old racer. Wow! I'd be afraid of what would happen when he fell.

  4. I've chosen you to receive the Liebster Award from me! You can find out more about it on my blog!

  5. Great blocks, and great adventure for them! 82? I can't even ice skate at half that age! lol