Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sorrento Retreat

I thought that today I should share with you some of the wonderful projects that the women at the retreat were working on.

First up is this wonderful homespun pineapple quilt.  Each woman attending sewed a block, with Loraine and Barb sewing it together.  The fabrics used were donated by Kathy, who has since passed away.  The quilt will be completed and given to Hospice, in honour of Kathy.

These two quilts were pieced by Carol.  I was told I couldn't put her mug on the blog so I was forced to cut it out.  Carol is a wonderful quilt fabric recycler.  Both of these quilts were made from blocks or fabric that someone else no longer wanted.  Wonderful!

As you can see, a lot of quilts were completed.  I didn't get pictures of everything, but this gives you an idea of the variety of quilts that were present.

Now every retreat needs a little entertainment.  These three were singing and dancing for our amusement.  I'm sure we all laughed so hard, we almost wet ourselves.  There is nothing like the sound of 24 women laughing.  The perfect retreat.  Lots of laughter, good friends, great food and time to sit and sew!


  1. Absolutely love the grandmother flower quilt. !! Hey Linda, come see me I'm doing a give away for followers. I'm giving away a quilt. Cheers-- Sandie

  2. love the hexies and the string quilt. 2 after my own heart!!

  3. What great projects, looks like everyone had lots of fun!