Friday, 27 June 2014

Cotton + Steel Day Five

Today will be our last instalment of Cotton + Steel.  That is at least until the local store receives their supply and I can buy some more.  My fat quarter pack is down to a few tiny scraps that have made their way to the scrap basket.

Today's quilt is brought to you by team Linda, Donna and Noeline.

If the quilt looks familiar, it is because it is the front cover quilt design of "Beyond Neutrals" that I showcased on Day 3.  I have a few more quilts that I want to make from that particular book.

I love the finished quilt!

I took quilting inspiration from the quilting Angela Walters had done on the quilt in the book.  Not quite as much fussing as she had done, but still nice.

Thanks to all my Postie Quilt Friends that made it possible to get all three quilts pieced in one day of laughter, love and sewing.

Linking up today with  Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. This is so pretty! I'm loving Cotton and Steel and that pattern is so womderful. I may have to try that quilting to. It looks easy yet fancy.

  2. The best one yet! Beautiful work all week ladies!

  3. Que bonito trabajo!!
    Vengo de Crazy mom quilts

  4. Great blog, beautiful work! Betty

  5. Well done. It is wonderful!

  6. What a fabulous week, such beautiful fabrics, well done!

  7. I LOVE this one!! This is the design that makes me want the book, and the fabric really works well. Great quilting too.

  8. Really love this one, how was it in putting together, easy? Great quilting Angela Walters is a great inspiration.

  9. I was just on John Adam's blog, quilt dad, and he was asking anyone who'd made quilts from his book to share, if you haven't you should check it out and either post it on his flickr, or email him. It's definitely worth sharing!